What kind of sleeper are you? Napper, sound, catch-up, insomniac

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How much is enough sleep? What is the best time to go to bed? What counts as a good night’s sleep?

Is there any point in taking a nap and how long should it be? How do you know if your poor sleeping patterns have tipped over into insomnia? And is good sleep hygiene the secret to falling asleep?

Anne Marie Boyhan left her corporate job to study to become a sleep consultant after years of trying to find solutions to her own sleeping difficulties.

She founded the Sleep Care Company and she tells In the News that her clients come from all walks of life with a range of sleep issues. Presented by Bernice Harrison. Produced by John Casey.

Bernice Harrison

Bernice Harrison

Bernice Harrison is an Irish Times journalist and cohost of In the News podcast

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