Get Running advanced training plan: Week Seven

A dry run for your 10k run

It’s time to start thinking a little more about your upcoming 10k race. There are lots of tips in the video this week.

Research your 10k event: It’s time to find out about the route, the time of day, the weather, the hills and anything else that will make it different from your normal run. Mirror your 10k event as much as possible this weekend in your choice of clothing, the time of your race and the time you should have breakfast. If you can, try and run some of the race route. This will help you to be much more relaxed when you run the 10k next week.

Train your head: It’s totally normal to get anxious before an important run. You have a lot of time to think negative thoughts on your long run. These voices in our head shout at us to stop, and try to make us believe we are fooling ourselves. What we need to do is silence these voices by working on the positive voices instead. A very simple trick is to smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Try it out. Instantly, it pulls you up taller, you feel stronger, and more positive. Another way to keep positive is to have a phrase or mantra that you can repeat over and over in your head to inspire you to keep on going. It may be as simple as “I can do it”, or “One Step at a Time”.

Technique - The String: Check out this week’s video for one of my favourite Chirunning technique tips. Pretend there is string coming out of your chest pulling you towards an object in the distance. Keep your gaze on the object, and imagine you are being pulled towards it. This keeps you tall, especially if you are the kind of person who tends to bend over or to look at the ground when you are running. You may even find it pulls you little faster too. Try this week and see how you get on.

Homework: We will have three runs this week. Spread them through the week to allow your body to recover.

Week Seven Training Plan

Homework 1
  1. Warmup: A brisk five-minute walk
  2. Run/walk session: A 5k slow recovery run. No speed. Focus on positivity. Think of your mantra and smile. Picture yourself on your race day
  3. Cooldown and stretch: A five-minute walk and three stretches
Homework 2 (a day or two after Homework 1)
  1. Warmup: A brisk five-minute walk
  2. Run/walk session: 30 minutes on hills. Feel as if the string (see above) is pulling you up the hill. Vary your pace as you feel you need to
  3. Cooldown and stretch: Five-minute walk and three stretches
Homework 3 (a day or two after Homework 2)
  1. Warmup: A brisk five-minute walk
  2. Run/walk session: A 9k run at a comfortable pace. Track your distance. This is a trial run for next week. Try to run at same time as your 10k will be, eat the same breakfast, wear the same clothes. Visualise yourself taking part in the event, and don’t forget to smile when it feels tough
  3. Cooldown and stretch: A five-minute walk and three stretches

Best of luck.


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