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Four great new Irish whiskey releases to try

John Wilson: Another fine Midleton Very Rare for the collectors plus three other top toasts

Ahead of our St Patrick’s Day celebrations, let’s take a look at a few new or recent Irish whiskey releases. Each new release of Midleton Very Rare is eagerly anticipated by a large group of collectors and whiskey afficionados. The latest 2024 version is likely to follow this trend. As this is the 40th release of the first Midleton Very Rare, the distillery has also commissioned a 40th Anniversary Ruby Edition, made using three casks of whiskey, each distilled by a different Midleton Master Distiller in their respective eras. This will retail for €20,000 a bottle.

The Boann Winter Solstice Single Pot Still is made using a 19th-century mash bill, once used by whiskey bonders Preston’s of Drogheda and discovered with the assistance of Irish whiskey historian and writer Fionnán O’Connor. A mash bill is the combination of grains used to make a whiskey. “This is, effectively, the ghost of whiskeys past,” says Pat Cooney, founder of Boann Distillery.

The Roe & Co Solera is made by the same system of fractional blending used to make sherry. The final whiskey is a complex multi-vintage blend of many distillations and different barrels. It includes some of the first ever casks distilled in the Roe & Co distillery in the Liberties.

Crystal malt is produced during the malting process. Frequently used in brewing, they add notes of caramel and toasted nuts to a beer. Teeling has added a portion of crystal malts to the original mash bill to add extra layers to its award-winning single malt whiskey.

Teeling Whiskey Crystal Single Malt

46%, €80

A smooth rounded whiskey with green apples, pears and caramel, finishing on a spicy note with muscovado sugar.

From: and specialist off-licences

Roe & Co Solera Edition 01 Single Malt Irish Whiskey

46%, €85

Seductive aromas of butterscotch and dried fruits lead on an exuberant palate of tropical fruits, toasted nuts and rich caramel with a rounded finish.

From:, and Dublin Travel Retail

The Boann Winter Solstice Single Pot Still

59.9% abv, €150

Enticing aromas of caramel and dried fruits lead on to a complex, rich palate of toasted nuts, dark chocolate and honey. A delightful whiskey.

From: and specialist off-licences

Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey 2024 release

40% abv, €240

Orchard fruit aromas with vanilla and nutmeg; a luscious, honeyed palate with ripe stone fruits, butterscotch and spice, lingering nicely.

From: specialist off-licences nationwide and duty-free

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