John Wilson: Two budget-friendly wines from O’Briens

Wines for the Weekend: Aromatic wines to interest those whose pockets were overstretched over Christmas

This week two budget-friendly wines from O’Briens. Regular readers will know I am a fan of the Laurent Miquel wines. The wines featured today are made from two well-known grape varieties. Most of us are familiar with sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley and New Zealand, but the south of France can also produce tasty fresh aromatic wines too. Syrah, known as shiraz in Australia, is a French grape variety that has travelled the world from its home in the Northern Rhône Valley. At €10.95 both wines offer good value for money and will be of interest to those whose pockets were overstretched over Christmas.

Laurent Miquel Heritage Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2022

This is vibrant and aromatic with light, fresh, green apple fruits and citrus. Drink solo, with creamy goat’s cheese or pan-fried fillets of plaice or sea bass.

12% abv. €10.95 down from €14.95 in O’Briens

Laurent Miquel Heritage Vineyards Syrah 2020

Smooth rich supple dark fruits, with a touch of spice. Perfect with most red or white meats and bean and tomato stews.


14% abv. €10.95 down from €14.95 from O’Briens

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