Portal to another dimension

A matter of time

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott

Sir, – I wonder how long before the usual hackneyed excuses will be trotted out to explain the buffoonish behaviour at the portal? Catholic guilt? Internalised trauma from the Famine? Low self-esteem? A legacy from English colonialism? Introversion? Far-right elements?

It would appear that the “saints and scholars” legacy is firmly interred with O’Leary in the grave . – Yours, etc,


Dublin 7.


Sir, – A solution might be, I believe, to have a time delay of several seconds before whatever happens on the Dublin end of the portal can be seen on the New York end of the portal. Then likewise whatever happens on the New York end of the port should also take several seconds of delay before it too can be seen on the Dublin side of the portal. That way any type of unacceptable social behaviour can be spotted in time and then blocked before it can be seen on either side of the portal.

This small compromise in both American and Irish freedom of expression would still allow, I believe, the Dublin-New York portal to remain a wonderful link-up experience. If this delay happened the portal viewing experience would become an “almost live experience” rather than a live one. But, I believe, such a delay might actually enrich the Dublin-New York portal experience like the way a previous time delay over 50 years ago slowed down and made more interesting the US astronauts’ responses from the moon all the way to Houston, Texas. – Yours, etc,



Co Clare.

Sir, – Perhaps such behaviour is to be expected from lesser portals. We are only human. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.

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