Higher Options career talks: applying to Cambridge

Ucas deadline for Cambridge and Oxford is usually around October

When applying to the University of Cambridge in the UK, initial steps are similar to any other university’s application in the UK: students still apply through Ucas.

However, the Ucas deadline for Cambridge and Oxford is usually set earlier than the general one, around October of the year preceding the academic year.

If you choose to give Cambridge a try during your Ucas application, you will receive an additional questionnaire from the university to get information that you weren’t required by Ucas.

For example, more details about what you’ve studied in second level education.



Some subjects require additional assessment, like the BMAT test for medical courses.

After the tests, students will know if they’ve been shortlisted for the interview phase. In some cases, the interview might be done before the test: such information can be found on individual courses web pages.

A response on your admission process will be given within January.

Something to keep in mind about Cambridge is that while all courses are taught at the university, it is made of 31 different “colleges”, where students live and study outside of class time.

Open applications

When applying to Cambridge through Ucas, students will be required to select a college – usually the closest to the department of interest in the university – or to submit an “open application”, with the computer allocating a random college.

Colleges are where student accommodation and other facilities like the canteen are.

Accommodation in the colleges is guaranteed for three years, and for a fourth year too if the chosen course is that long.


Irish students get to pay UK university domestic fees, about stg£9,250 per year for Cambridge.

Entitlement to funding and loans can be checked out on the University of Cambridge website, keeping in mind that single colleges have their own bursary options. Video recorded in 2021

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