Flight from Brussels to New York diverted to Dublin

Two separate incidents caused the United Airlines flight to change route for Dublin just one hour after take-off

A flight from Brussels to New York’s Newark Airport diverted to Dublin on Monday afternoon due to two incidents on board. The United Airlines flight departed Brussels at 11:17 CEST but changed route for Dublin one hour into the flight.

It diverted to Dublin Airport due to reports of two separate incidents – a disruptive passenger and a suspected medical issue – on board, a statement from Dublin Airport Authority said.

“Appropriate protocols were put in place by Dublin Airport Operations and Airport Police for the arrival of the aircraft, and gardaí, National Ambulance Service and HSE personnel met the aircraft on arrival,” the statement said.

There was no impact on operations at Dublin Airport, DAA said. It advised that passengers travelling on Monday evening should plan to arrive at the airport as normal.

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