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Flip Burger takeaway review: are these the best veggie burgers in Dublin?

Along with wholefood burgers, you can order soups, curries and salads

Flip Burger
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Address: Georges Street Arcade, Dublin 2
Telephone: N/A
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Cost: €€

What’s on offer?

For a while, we thought that ultra-processed, plant-based “meat” would be the answer to the planet’s problems, But it seems there is a better, low-tech solution: using actual plants and organic pulses in a way that they are recognisable. Pamela, Lorraine and Joe Fitzmaurice, who opened Blazing Salads 30 years ago, knew this all along.

In January 2020 they opened Flip Burger in George’s Street Arcade, serving vegan and vegetarian burgers. It now is also home to Blazing Salads, a combined, more efficient solution to skyrocketing rents on Drury Street. So, as well as wholefood burgers, you can order soups, curries and salads by weight. There are high stools onsite and the tables outside the door in the Georges Street Arcade are among the best people watching perches in the city.

What did we order?

Everything is written on the board above the service area. We ordered one Flipper burger, and one Popper with salad (rather than a bun) and hand-cut chips.

How was the service?

Chatty and efficient. You order at the counter and they bring your order to your table when it is ready.

Was the food nice?

The food here is absolutely delicious. The Flipper is a lesson in how to make a vegetarian/vegan burger. It is tall and generous and comes in a tartine seeded bun, with iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles. It has texture from crushed kidney beans and quinoa, and is confidently flavoured with spice.

There is an option to have the patties without the burger bun, which we do for The Popper, a sweetcorn and feta fritter. The fritter is delicious, sitting like a fluffy pancake on top of a simple salad with celery, peppers, radishes and cucumber, in a dressing that has a nice snap of acidity to keep things fresh.

The hand-cut chips are very good and come with house-made ketchup and mayo.

Portions are incredibly generous, you won’t go hungry eating here.

What about the packaging?

All the packaging is compostable.

What did it cost?

€21.50 for lunch for two people: The Flipper, €9; The Popper, €9; and hand-cut fries, €3.50.

Where does it deliver?

Available click and collect, and from Deliveroo, Monday-Saturday, 9.30am-5.45pm, five-kilometre delivery radius.

Would I order it again?

Yes. This is delicious food, it is reasonably priced and the fact that it is good for you and the planet is a big bonus. There is a very good lunch deal Monday to Wednesday.

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