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Little Yeti, Dublin, takeaway review: Great Indian food, big portions and special dumplings to die for

Nepalese steamed momos dumplings with a savoury filling are a highlight

The Little Yeti
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Address: 6 Bray Road, Loughlinstown, Co Dublin, D18 YE03
Telephone: 01 282 4064
Cuisine: Nepalese and Indian
Cost: €€

What’s on offer?

In 2014, Sushant Amatya moved from Kathmandu to Dublin to study computer science. During his time in college, he worked in restaurants, along with fellow student Ashok Khatri. The pair were very familiar with Nepalese food, having learned from their mothers, picking herbs and spices, drying them and blending them to use in local dishes. Working in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants, they added to their repertoire of dishes, and in 2022, opened The Little Yeti in Loughlinstown, south Co Dublin. It is a small takeaway with a big menu that ranges from Nepalese speciality dishes to Indian favourites. Among the dishes they make are momos, the Nepalese steamed dumplings with a savoury filling. These are not typically made by home cooks and are more of a restaurant dish.

What did we order?

We went for the Nepalese dishes, momos, prawn ledebodo, lamb gorkhali curry, pilau rice and garlic naan.

How was the service?

I ordered online, a collection time was assigned and there was a short wait for the order to be complete when I visited.

Was the food nice?

The momos were delicious, 10 dumplings with tomato and sesame chutney that were still steaming hot after the journey home. They were almost like soup dumplings, juicy and filled with ground chicken, vegetables and spices. The lamb Gorkhali curry was very good, with a sauce made from a blend of yoghurt, cashew nuts, fresh chillies and aromatic spices. The sauce in the prawn ledobedo was quite different, tomato based with onion and fenugreek coming through. The pilau rice was brown, a house recipe. The portions were very generous.


What about the packaging?

A mix of packaging is used. Everything was packed into a paper bag. The momos and rice were in cardboard containers, recyclable when clean; the curries were in two cardboard pots with plastic lids. The sauce for the momos was in a plastic container, and the naan bread was in a foil-lined bag which is not recyclable.

What did it cost?

€48.35 for dinner for three people: momos, €12.50; lamb gorkhali curry, €14.95; prawn ledobedo, €14.95; pilau rice, €2.95; and garlic naan, €3.

Where does it deliver?

Order directly on the website or from Deliveroo and Just Eat, delivery radius 6km. Open daily, Mon-Fri, 4pm-10.30pm; Sat, 1.30pm-10.30pm and Sun, 1.30pm-10pm.

Would I order it again?

Yes, the momos are particularly good, the quality of the curries is notable and the portion size means that an order for two people will feed three.

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