Jury begins deliberations in trial of man accused of stabbing brother-in-law to death over ‘cheating’ fears

Andrew ‘Andy’ Cash (30) accused of murder of John Cash (40) in Kilkenny last year prompted by belief wife had cheated on him with deceased man

A jury has begun deliberating in the trial of a man accused of stabbing his brother-in-law to death because he believed his wife had cheated on him with the deceased “years ago”.

Andrew ‘Andy’ Cash took the stand in his own defence at the Central Criminal Court last week telling the jury he was “out of his head on tablets” and could not clearly remember the events of the fatal day.

Mr Cash of Highrath, Clara, Co Kilkenny, is accused of the murder of John Cash (40) at Hebron Road, Kilkenny City, on May 3rd, 2022.

Mr Cash (30), a father of three, is also accused of assault causing harm to his own sister, Elizabeth Cash, who is John Cash’s wife, and of the production of a knife during the course of a dispute or fight at about 12.30pm on the same date and at the same location.


Mr Cash pleaded not guilty to all three charges on November 2nd.

The jury has been deliberating for over three and a half hours and will resume considering its verdict at 11am on Tuesday.

The jury has heard that the deceased, John ‘Johnny’ Cash, was still conscious when gardaí arrived at the scene of his stabbing and was able to point out Andy Cash as his alleged attacker.

Garda Colm McMenamin told Michael Delaney, prosecuting, that when he asked John Cash what had happened, he was told: “I’m after being stabbed by Andy Cash.”

The guard said he beckoned a “very aggressive and argumentative” Andy Cash towards him before arresting him on suspicion of assault causing harm at 12.38pm. Gda McMenamin said Andy Cash was placed in the back of a patrol car with “some effort” and while still “roaring and shouting abuse towards John Cash”, whose condition was deteriorating.

Gda McMenamin said that after he arrested Andy Cash, the accused was still abusive towards his brother-in-law, “roaring and shouting that he [John Cash] had it coming”. Gda McMenamin told Mr Delaney that Andy Cash smelled of alcohol and the accused said that he had drank two pints earlier that morning.

The prosecution and defence concluded their evidence and closing speeches last Thursday before Ms Justice Eileen Creedon and a jury of five women and seven men.

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