Have your say: What has been your experience of living in Dubai?

We would like to hear from Irish people who have lived and worked in Dubai

There are approximately 10,000 Irish people currently living and working in Dubai. Photograph: Andrea DiCenzo/The New York Times

There has been much discussion of the experience of Irish expats living in Dubai, in light of the case of Tori Towey – the Irishwoman who has been prevented from leaving the country over allegations she illegally consumed alcohol and attempted suicide.

With around 10,000 Irish people living and working in Dubai, we’d like to hear what your experience has been of the state. Have you found some parts of society to be restrictive? Have you experienced or witnessed mistreatment of women? How has your experience been of the country’s alcohol laws? Have you noticed many changes over the years in laws becoming more liberal?

If you have worked in Dubai, what were the differences between how your profession operated there and in Ireland?

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