Simone Gannon: This is my long-standing favourite tinted moisturiser and I’m never without it

This is a must-have product thanks to its skin-first formula, gloriously glowy finish and impressive ingredients

Sculpted by Aimee Tint and Glow Skin Enhancer

This product isn’t new; in fact, it launched about three years ago. As is often the case when I write about beauty products, I like to take a wait-and-see approach. Although new releases are exciting, it’s the long-standing favourites that really float my boat – and I’m about to introduce you to one of mine.

I recently posted about this product on Instagram. In the caption, I mentioned, “I always have a tube of Sculpted by Aimee Tint and Glow Skin Enhancer (€26 from in my make-up drawer.” And it’s true – I buy another tube before my current one runs out. I am never without it. Why? Because it instantly perks up the skin, and makes me look and feel like my most radiant self. It’s a fail-safe option, a sure-fire hit, a comforting fallback – the make-up equivalent of a favourite cosy sweater, if you will.

Tint and Glow (available in 20 shades) excels for several reasons: its skin-first, lightweight, delectably blendable formula, its gloriously glowy finish, and its impressive ingredient list.

Ingredients in tinted moisturisers or skin tints are often glossed over with a catch-all “good for your skin” descriptor. This generalisation isn’t adequate or fair for Tint and Glow.. Because this is a product (and, indeed, a brand) that takes skincare seriously. Yes, the formula boasts hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which are reliable hydrating ingredients commonly found in products of this ilk.

Where it goes beyond the ordinary, however, is with a host of antioxidants, among them niacinamide – a potent anti-inflammatory and skin-protecting powerhouse. Ectoin, an intense moisturising active ingredient that protects your skin barrier and boosts moisture levels. Madecassoside, renowned for its skin-soothing, wound-healing properties. In short, this is a who’s who of precisely what your skin needs to feel comfortable, balanced and moisturised – and that’s before we get to the coverage or the finish.

On the brand website, Tint and Glow is described as ”a light coverage that delivers the ultimate glow on the skin”. Although I agree with this statement, I believe it offers more than just light coverage – it leans towards the medium side (and then some).

Tint and Glow is a versatile product that brings down redness, evens out the skin, reduces the appearance of breakouts, blemishes, dullness and dry patches, and it does it in seconds. No how-to guide is required for this product. Apply it with fingers, a brush, a sponge, however you like, and watch the magic happen. The finish is radiant, glossy, gorgeous – it’s “oh my God you look great” in a tube. It feels great, too. Buttery, soft, smooth, like your face has been enveloped in a skin-enhancing hug.

SPF30 protection and portable, pocket-sized packaging make it the perfect everyday grab-and-glow base for the warmer months. I plan to wear it all summer (and long after that, too).

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