Man stripped and assaulted partner five days after she miscarried her pregnancy

Judge Mary Larkin said the allegations ‘are extremely distressing’ and granted the woman a safety order for five years

A man kicked and stripped his then partner and gave her a black eye five days after the woman miscarried her pregnancy earlier this year, a court has heard.

At the Family Law Court, the woman said that in an earlier assault this year “he gave me a black eye and beat me while I was pregnant”.

The woman said that the maternity hospital where she was attending has recaords of bruises on her body.

Recounting another alleged assault on her by the man last year, the woman said that her then partner “hit me across the face, bit my nose and stripped me naked”.


Recalling the alleged assault five days after she miscarried this year, the softly spoken woman said that after the couple got home from a family event, “he kicked me and stripped me again”.

She said: “He hit my head off the wall. Gave me another black eye and that went on for two hours that night and the next morning I got up.”

The woman said that the couple went camping in June “and he hurt me”.

Solicitor Shiofra Hassett, for the woman, told the court that her client “has taken photos of injuries he has caused during your relationship” and Ms Hassett handed the photos into court.

Judge Mary Larkin said the allegations made “are extremely distressing” and granted the woman a safety order for five years.

There was no appearance by the man for the safety order application hearing.

Ms Hassett said that in relation to the most recent alleged assault, which occurred while camping, her client has made a statement to the Garda and the man has been charged with assault and the case is before the criminal District Court.

The woman told Judge Larkin that her ex-partner has never been honest with her about drugs and she didn’t know if he has a drug problem now.

She said: “He used to be addicted to cocaine and tablets.”

A safety order is an order of the court which prohibits the abusive person from committing further alleged violence or threats of alleged violence. If the man breaches the order, he can be arrested and brought before the court.

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